Brown Trout Fishing

The Brown trout has long been a popular game fish all over the world. Brought over from Europe in the 1880s, brown trout can be found in waters all across New York State.
Brown trout are primarily found in streams, but also live in ponds and lakes. As the name implies, brown trout are brown in color with black and often red spots on the sides. However, in large bodies of water, fish tend to be silvery with scattered black spots, allowing them to be termed a “handsome fish”.

Brown trout are generally faster growing and longer lived than brook trout. In the Lower Niagara River and Lake Ontario, fish more than ten pounds are fairly common, while in streams they seldom grow larger than two pounds. Many anglers enjoy fishing for brown trout because they are relatively wary and a challenge to catch. Brown trout can withstand heavy fishing pressure better than other New York trout.

In streams, Brown Trout are durable and can withstand heavy fishing pressure better than many other New York trout species. The main reason for this is that brown trout are more active at night and can be hard to catch in the daytime. In streams, the biggest brown trout are caught after dark, or early morning especially during the summer months. In Lake Ontario, brown trout can be caught at any time of the day and usually reside deep at point where the thermocline meets the bottom in summer. The New York State Brown Trout record stands at 33 pounds 2 ounces, caught in 1997 in Lake Ontario.

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