Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charter

Looking for some Great summer fishing? Well, look no more. Walleye fishing 1st Choice Fishing Charters on eastern basin Lake Erie is the greatest and anglers travel from all around the country to test their skills and their tackle here. The Lake Erie walleye fishery is back and is better than ever, but don’t take my word for it, just ask any walleye angler. If you want more concrete proof, ask the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) which has been monitoring the fishery for last 25 years. They’ll confirm that angler catch rates in the last 5 years are among the best in history. In fact, many anglers participating in the numerous Lake Erie tournaments here often catch monster walleye that weigh 11, 12, 13 pounds and more. True walleye giants!

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charter
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The higher catch rates are indicative of Lake Erie’s large walleye population which numbers in the tens of millions. In the eastern basin of Lake Erie between Buffalo and Barcelona, along the New York shoreline, we are famous for trophy-size fish (8 to 10-pounders!). New York State Walleye Record 16lbs. 90z. set in 1/20/09 by Thomas Reed

In spring walleye prefer the shallow, productive waters in Lake Erie’s western basin as spawning grounds, but come late spring and early summer, these fish migrate eastward to the deeper waters located off New York’s shoreline. With an average depth of 81 feet here, they find the forage fish (bait) that prefer cooler water temperatures and the walleye thrive here. The eastern basin deep water ports off Dunkirk and Barcelona support a summer offshore fishery that is nothing short of stunning.

On Lake Erie, fishing for walleye means getting in a boat and heading offshore.

I’ve been running Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charters for many years and will do my best to make your day of Walleye fishing on Lake Erie both enjoyable and productive. I have both the experience and state of the art equipment to help locate and stay on top of the fish.