Charter Guidance for people looking for a Fishing Charter

  • Q: What is an Uninspected Passenger Chartered trip?
  • A: Boats with Operators commonly referred to as “Captains” offer a variety of private trips tailored to your desire, whether it be fishing, hunting cruising Parasailing or dinning on a Gondola.

When “consideration” is involved you become a passenger for hire on a chartered trip.


  • Q: What is the difference between an Inspected and Uninspected Chartered Trip?
  • A: An Uninspected passenger trip consists of 6 or less passengers and although these boats are not inspected by the US Coast Guard, they must meet and follow the code of FEDERAL REGULATIONS. Many operators have their boats examined by the USCG Auxiliary to insure they have meet all the applicable codes and requirements.
  • Q: What is “Consideration”?

A: Consideration means an economic benefit or profit including payment of money or donation of fuel, food, beverage, supplies or services.

Q: Who is a “Passenger for Hire”?

A: A passenger for whom consideration is contributed as a condition of carriage weather directly or indirectly flowing to the owner, charterer, operator, agent or any other person having interest in the vessel.

Q: Must The “Captain” of the boat be licensed when providing Charters?

A: If a vessel is machine powered and is operating as a charter- Passenger for Hire, then the boat must be operated by an individual who holds a valid Coast Guard issued Merchant Mariner’s License or Credentials. The “Captain” must have this license.


  • Q: What documents should I expect to see?

A: If you ask to see these documents before you proceed with your charter: either a Coast Guard license (Above) which looks like a passport, plus a small laminated TWIC card which provides a photo of the “Captain” and a letter of Confirmation of Enrollment in a random drug testing program. In addition, be sure to request a receipt signed by the operator in exchange for your payment.


  • Look for a currant Uninspected Vessel Examination Decal

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